I’ve been told that I was born in San Polo D’Enza on the 7th November ’44, near the hills on the Reggio’s side of the Enza river, while the allies’ planes were destroying the bridge from my town to the parmesan bank side. So, I’ve always thought I’d been born under the bombs rather than under a cabbage leaf, but I stopped believing in fairy tales a while ago.

I’ve always loved travelling and I remember that, as a child, I would cross ‘that bridge’ with my mom,Iwould see from the distance the lights of a far away village. Little by little curiosity took over, leading me beyond that point and to discover new places.  Thus, when approaching art, travelling became a theme that prevailed naturally in my work.


While he was a trainee in a photography studio he acquired the taste and pleasure of images. He worked with clay and gypsum from 1960 to 1975 in an artistic ceramics lab. As a self-taught painter, he started his first paintings in 1974, finding his ideal expression in the human figure.  He took part in exhibitions and contests until 1982. By then he had to travel often for his new professional activity, so he put aside his artistic research.  He picked up his painting in 2007. In 2009 he held his first solo exhibit. Inspired and motivated by his friend and artist Andrea Acerbi, he displays his new paintings.
As a result of his research he produces five compositions, three of which are nterrelated  “ViaggiaMente” ,“Up”,  “Phone and…” end “Ground”. The fifth, “Informale”, is a journey in which the artist abandons his hand and temporarily gives up on the figure, exploring freedom of gestur