Antonietta Bartoli

The astonishing poetic painting of the Reggio artist Oscar Piovosi takes us to the visions of soul impulses in continuous evolution. Life is there, behind thin sky walls, in the gaze over the infinite, while thoughts come from a colourful life’s perspective. The artist presents himself as the explorer entering a dream dimension.
For years Oscar Piovosi has enriched his language through various series of works characterized by an unmistakable authorship, found in the continuous seduction of the journey. A deep, intimate travel, an attentive observation of what incites his sensitivity. The suggestive tones are the background to situations and frames of mind, journeys in the memories, suspended psychological introspections, suggesting instants in life, as if pretending to immortalize time itself in the instant in which the action was observed.
Antonieta Bartoli
February 2014